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    Learn how to improvise in a playful way

  • COMPOSITION | Bridges to…
    Composing the music that’s in your heart

  • ENSEMBLE CLASSES | Bridges to…
    Connecting with others through music

    Owning your stage

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IMPROVISATION | Bridges to… 

The next workshop will be in BERLIN from 1-3 of July


You know your instrument, but you can't improvise? In this workshop we will practice improvising together without fear or worries.

Many musicians are curious about a feeling of freedom when playing. The desire for creativity with such ease is great, but how can you best approach this? Too much freedom while playing can be overwhelming, as can the complexity of music theory on its own.

In the workshop we will discover together approaches to create a playing and practicing style for you with the right balance of play, structure, and knowledge.

You will get the chance to try out and practice many things in the form of creative games. Through this format you will get to know different styles and approaches. We shall improvise to different bass, harmony, and melody models. Furthermore, you will learn rhythmic structures such as tango, bossa, or 7/8 time as a basis for a unique style-based improvisation. Along the way I explain music theory backgrounds and together we transfer these into melodic playful exercises. The idea is to show you what you can already do, how you can build on it, and then incorporate other new skills. At the end you will leave the workshop with your very own individual practice plan. You will learn what is important for your own growth and progress and lastly better understand what you can work on further to strengthen any weaknesses or worries that you may have.

The workshop is open for (almost) all instruments (please enquire). I recommend previous instrumental-knowledge of at least two years, as well as good music reading skills. Music theory basics are not a prerequisite for this course.


  • Exclusive instructions on improvising in a comfortable and fear-free setting.
  • Discovering creativity and freedom beyond sheet music and music theory
  • Balance of knowledge, playing, and practicing
  • Improvisation exercises on various bass, harmony, and melody models (e.g. quintfall sequence, II-V-I connection, blues scale, chromaticism, etc. … All of which shall be easily and wonderfully explained in our time spent together)
  • Creative games, theoretical inputs, and free improvisation as a stimulus for practicing
  • Stylistic improvisation based on rhythmic structures such as tango, bossa, or 7/8 time, etc.
  • Overcoming personal hurdles and fears that might be holding you back
  • Working out an individual practice plan
  • Lots of inspiration built together while playing
  • Deepening understanding of knowledge and theories
  • A workshop for all skillsets, from the likes of ambitious-amateurs, all the way to the classically trained musicians.
  • Open for (almost) all instruments. Again, please simply email me an inquire with your instrument request.

COMPOSITION | Bridges to… 

The next workshop will be at NORDKOLLEG RENDSBURG from 13.-15. of May


You want to write your own piece, but don't know how to go about it? Are you looking for a way to express yourself creatively through music? For many musicians it is unimaginable to compose by themselves, because they compare themselves directly with Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. Also, the idea of having to become an expert in music theory is a big hurdle for many. The point is not to become a second Beethoven, but rather to discover what music lies dormant in oneself and what one can "craft" from it.

In this workshop you will get to know different approaches to your own creativity. Together we will try out and discover the music within us and learn to "hold on to" it. With an easy-to-understand modular system we shall then create our very own first composition together. We use already existing theoretical knowledge, or summarize the most important basics in a way that everyone can understand.

I myself have been expressing myself with various tones for decades and put everything into the music that truly inspires me. I am well aware of the hurdles and challenges in this process and I speak from experience when I claim that it is incredibly worthwhile to embark on this path and adventure. This is what I burn for, and this is the spark I hope to ignite within during my workshops.

The course is aimed at instrumentalists and singers. Previous instrumental experience of at least two years, as well as music reading skills are recommended. Music theory basics do not have to be present beforehand. Your own instruments will be needed for some exercises and games.


  • Different approaches to own creativity
  • Trying out - discovering - holding on
  • With an easy-to-understand modular system we create our own unique compositions
  • We use already existing theoretical knowledge and/or summarize the most important basics for everyone in the easiest ways possible to comprehend
  • Exciting exercises and games
  • Playful and fun inspiration to further help you inspire your own creations
  • Looking at and overcoming any hurdles and challenges that you may fear
  • A workshop for instrumentalists and singers with at least 2 years of instrumental playing and music reading skills. Knowledge of theory is not necessary - but it does not hurt either.


  • On Wednesdays: ensemble playing & first steps into improvisation
    6:30 - 8:00 p.m. - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

  • Ongoing class with 22 meetings a year

  • Open for (almost) every instrument

  • Monthly fee: 100€

Music is one of the most beautiful existing languages! Making music for ourselves alone can be meditative, rewarding, and fulfilling. Experiencing it together with others increases the happiness and the overall pleasures in creating it. My workshop would like to accompany you on this path.

Invited are instrumentalists who simply want to make music with others or are looking for new impulses and motivation for their own joy of playing. The course is open to different instruments, different levels of experience, and age does not matter: old and young, adult or adolescent, learn from and with each other. In the spirit of the Bridges of Music program, in which music functions as a language that makes it possible to communicate with others on a special level, regardless of experience, cultural or ethnic backgrounds, age, gender, instrument or genre. A basic knowledge of music and at least 1 ½  years of instrumental playing is recommended.


  • Speaking together in unison using the most beautiful of all languages: Music
  • Open to many different instruments
  • Different previous knowledge
  • Be it teenagers just starting or Adults with lots or very little experience. Learn with, from, and by each others own skill levels
  • New impulses and motivation for furthering your own joy of playing and learning how to improvise in a group


Have you ever enjoyed standing on a stage and presenting something? In this workshop I would like to help you develop this skill and gain confidence and joy in presenting, lecturing, and/or performing. It's about learning and practicing strategies that will help you take the stage with enthusiasm and heart. It's about the pleasure of presenting, the enjoyment, as well as the pleasure of performing.

With practical exercises we train techniques that help to better deal with nervousness and stage fright: e.g. relaxation methods, breathing exercises, focus expansion, visualization, recognizing and transforming thought patterns, voice exercises, memory training, ritualized processes, analysis of body language and much more.

Furthermore, in the next step we lead the focus away from fear, towards joy and shaping the presentation. We find out how you can stay focused and with yourself, while at the same time entering into a real dialogue with the audience. We also look at how you can further gain and enjoy confidence and attention through the use of your own body language.

Together we will develop personal training plans and individual key points to be applied beyond the workshop.

Invited are all those who want to enjoy their performance more step by step on stage, at lectures and congresses, in front of the camera, in front of large and small groups, or in the concert hall and are looking for ways to deal with nervousness and performance anxiety.


  • Relaxation methods
  • Breathing exercises
  • Focus expansion
  • Visualization
  • Recognizing and transforming thought patterns
  • Voice exercises
  • Memory training
  • Ritualized processes
  • Analysis of body language and rhetoric
  • Exercises to stay "with yourself" and get in touch at the same time
  • Through structure and coordination: training to get to the point
  • Developing training plans and core topics
  • Working out strengths, and resolving any weaknesses
  • Video training and analysis

Quotes from Others

A fantastic workshop, conducted from the beginning competently, creatively, professionally and full of warmth. Thus, Beatrix Becker allowed us participants to grow together with our personalities, the instruments, and the music, until in the end we could performed very well together. These hours were unforgettable, and my fear of improvisation has been completely tamed. What a gift! Thank you very, very much!

We confirmed to each other again and again how much we enjoyed the workshop. This was also due to the beautiful ambience, the good food, and simply the fact that we love to pursue our hobby of making music. But it was especially due to you (Beatrix Becker) as a fascinatingly human, empathetic, motivating, inspiring and yet completely humble personality. It is really very special how you prepared and conducted the workshop and developed us "first graders" in the process. Once again, thank you very, very much!


...And I myself took the momentum back to my church, and I had the best of our worship services together with the violinist!!!! I focused on 'less is more' but did it with confidence and it came out so well! And my improvisational skills worked out far 'more naturally', along with everything else. I shall keep practicing all that you shared with me! You really are a very, very good coach!!!


Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar! I am still quite fulfilled by the hours spent together full of inspiration, valuable tips, and great joy in making music together.


Thank you again for the great workshop - we are still raving about your good ideas, tips, your encouragement, your music, and the music you were able to elicit from us participants.



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