Beatrix Becker Trio

"BOOK OF BRIDGES" - the new programme of the Berlin composer Beatrix Becker comprises melancholic, joyful pieces for bass clarinet and clarinet, violoncello, guitar and piano, which were written in the lockdown of the last year. Together with violoncellist Rebecca Carrington and guitarist Diego Romero, Becker takes us on a healing musical hero’s journey through the emotional shallows of the pandemic experience and of life itself.

Becker's mondiale chamber music between klezmer, tango, world music and small excursions into improvisation makes it possible to experience in a wonderful way how music can build bridges: between people and opinions, continents and cultures, between us and our confidence for what is currently still in the unknown. The result is a sound aesthetic that can only be created in the metropolis of Berlin - a rendezvous with impressions and emotions from all over the world, concentrated into an unforgettable evening in an intimate trio setting.

Beatrix Becker: composition, bass clarinet, clarinet, piano
Rebecca Carrington: cello
Diego Romero: guitar, electric guitar


As soon as you entered onto the stage and the first note was sounded, my sorrow were completely blown away. The whole evening I kept thinking ‘just how beautiful life is’. It was like a switch that was instantly flipped on by your music.


It was really magical - the whole evening! I had tears in my eyes after the very first piece in the performance.

Incredibly enchanting music, performed by such a captivating young woman who plays both the piano and bass clarinet masterfully, even sometimes at the same time! So eloquent and charming, she leads beautifully throughout the entire program.

Incredibly beautiful, virtuosic, and deeply touching. I am very excited about the new album and am already looking forwards to the next concert!