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It all began with an empty booklet in the Lockdown: Beatrix Becker filled it with melancholy, joyful compositions for her new programme "BOOK OF BRIDGES". For the first time, the Berlin-based musician gathers all her favourite instruments - bass clarinet and clarinet, violoncello, guitar and piano - on one stage. And takes us on a healing musical hero's journey through the emotional shallows of the pandemic experience and of life itself.

Expressive and imaginative, Becker and her fellow musicians tell of the search for hope and the longing for distance, of joie de vivre and fragility, of the magic of connectedness in times of separateness. Together they make it possible to experience the miracle that happens when music can build bridges: between people and opinions, continents and cultures, between us and our confidence for what is currently still in the unknown.

In doing so, Beatrix Becker once again seeks and finds rich possibilities of expression beyond classical music and jazz. Since early childhood, her musical heart has beaten for exotic sounds and rhythms. She is inspired by the melancholy joie de vivre of klezmer music, the wild temperament of flamenco and the gentle aesthetics of tango argentino. Combined with an irrepressible joy of improvisation, she weaves her own deeply moving sound as a bridge-builder between classical, jazz and world music.

Becker has been shaped by her travels and her varied musical experiences: After two CD recordings and tours as a clarinettist with the band Bassa, she recorded her first solo album in Argentina, the second in Switzerland and the third at the renowned Hansa Studios in Berlin. She officially represented the city of Berlin in Istanbul, Los Angeles and at the official celebration of German Unity Day, thrilled audiences at concerts in London, Paris, Jerusalem and was ennobled by klezmer icon Giora Feidman when he released her composition "Una Sonrisa" on his album "Klezmer Bridges".

Beatrix Becker has now invited two renowned fellow musicians, whose aesthetics and expressiveness were also shaped on the great stages of this world, to the "BOOK OF BRIDGES" concert evening: Violoncellist Rebecca Carrington is not only internationally celebrated but also famous for her versatility. Both women have also shared a bubbling creativity since their first note together. Guitarist Diego Romero enriches the trio with his Argentine roots as well as with his uplifting powerful and subtle sound diversity, influenced by Tango and world music.

Together, they present a kind of music mix that can only be created in the metropolis of Berlin: a rendezvous with impressions and emotions from all over the world, concentrated on an unforgettable evening in an intimate trio setting.

Press Citation

"What depth the project has, she demonstrates on her new album." (Erik Prochnow - Folker)

"Extremely, energetic instrumental music" (Ronald Klein - Tip Berlin)

“One of Berlin`s finest examples of musical talent” (Petra Schurmann – German World Magazine)

“The trio enchanted the audience with musical magic and conveyed that music can break all boundaries and act as a bridge between people of different cultures.” (Staats-Zeitung)

“In her homeland she is still considered as an insider tip.” (Ronald Klein – tip Berlin)

“The Berlin Fräuleinwunder” (Nicole Graner – Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“Great musical sensibility” (Berliner Morgenpost)

“Fragile yet enormously energetic tone poem” (Zitty)

“What she plays on her instruments indiscriminately and in the same way sensitively sensual, then released and extroverted, she has in her head, in her hands and in her breath. This will be on the clarinet and bass clarinet liveliest, beautiful music” (Karl-Heinz Veit – Thüringer Allgemeine)

“A touching and refreshing work” (Tessiner Zeitung)

“A remarkable expression of our time” (Carsten Dürer – Piano News)

“In the exciting interplay of the musicians, the true spirit of jazz is more noticeable than in even the most “avant-garde” sound experiments of many freelance improvisers.” (Nathan Nörgel – Wasser Prawda)

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