Music is the common language of humanity

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A Very Warm Welcome...

How nice that you are here! I love connecting people through music and creating special moments. On this page you can find out where I will give the next concerts, which workshops are coming up, and where I am currently building ‘new musical bridges’. I am looking forward to you becoming a part of this bridge and for us both to walk a part of the way together. Let's discover hidden stories amidst this musical journey together and allow ourselves to forget everyday life with it. Then we’ll draw from it courage or simply be inspired to magically daydream.

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Beatrix Becker





Record release tour

Friday, 9th of September 2022 | 8 p.m.
Gastmahl Munich

Video impression



BOOK OF BRIDGES …tells musical stories of the search for hope and the longing for distant places, of joie de vivre and fragility, of magic and connection in times of separateness. Expressive, imaginative and reflective, Beatrix Becker weaves her own deeply moving sound, as a bridge-builder, between classical, jazz and world music.

Rebecca Carrington: Cello
Nikos Tsiachris: Guitar, Electric Guitar
Beatrix Becker: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Piano


Sheet Music

"Clarinet Tales" Vol.1&2

for bass clarinet/ clarinet & piano | Hofmeister Musikverlag

Exploring the world in sounds, tracing the colors of life amidst the claps and keys by attuning oneself to the delicate balance between deep melancholy and an immense zest for life. A sparkling playfulness and conscious deceleration that reveals an essence of weightlessness and longing.

In this collection, Beatrix Becker invites you to discover your own life’s journey through the dynamics of world music and jazz miniature.

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For over 15 years I have been following my passion: connections through music - for very special moments! Whether concerts, compositions, music videos, tutorials – to all my projects I give my full dedication and joy of life. Would you like to be a part of it?

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Music is a language for me, a medium that builds bridges between people, experiences, emotions, customs, hearts and cultures. From this awareness my heart project "Bridges of Music" was born.

I am happy if you become part of this bridge and we walk a piece of the way together.

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Quotes From Others

Your music gives me joy of life, it touches me, and inner strings start to vibrate. It is like an invigorating breath of air that makes life more worth living and more beautiful. Listening to your music is like a place of power and makes me marvel at your creativity. Pure fascination.


When I listen to your music... it suddenly smells like curry and coriander, I feel world-weariness, nostalgia and devotion, I feel melancholy and wanderlust, I see pictures of beloved places, my heart carries a complicated kind of feelings.


Your music is my little "gas station" in the stressful everyday life. Sometimes it corresponds with my melancholy, sometimes it elicits a laugh from me. There is a lot of lightness in it for me and at the same time a pleasant depth.

With your music I like to go on journeys in my mind - be it to distant countries, be it to my own inner worlds.

Sometimes it seems to remind me of my hidden parts and to bring out long lost moments.

This sometimes feels painful, but also relieving, and very often my heart just becomes very soft, light, and free.



For me music is a language that builds bridges between people, experiences, emotions, customs, hearts, and cultures. Live in concert, this happens in a uniquely magical moment, bundled and completely immersed in the moment.

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