Piano Lessons

Have you ever felt the magic of music? Do you dream of playing an instrument yourself? Then dare to do so! It's never too late, and the right moment is always right now!

In a relaxed setting in my beautiful music-room in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, I teach young people, adults, and young-at-heart retirees who either want to start from scratch or are looking for a breath of fresh air for their own instrumental playing. There are ensemble groups, private lessons, and online lessons via Zoom or Skype. I also offer regular workshops.

The lessons are for people who want to discover their own creativity, who want to play by sheet-music but also desire to play freely. With a lot of empathy, I enable a playful, anxious-free, learning environment. I am often called an "encourager" by my students. I know how important motivation and inspiration are, how important it is to make music together, how important it is to enjoy playing, but also how important it is to have structure, solid exercises, and new achievable goals.

In over 10,000 lessons I have been able to inspire and accompany people of all ages musically. I teach what I myself love and have experienced as a composer and musician. The most beautiful and gratifying gift is when my passion for music then spills over to my students and inspires their own wonderful creativities.

Soon Again

There is soon again the possibility to participate in ensemble lessons under my guidance and to play chamber music together with other musicians. I am very happy about this, because this is the heart of my work!

A basic knowledge of music and at least 1.5 years of instrumental playing are recommended from 1.5 years of playing experience. Of course we keep a safe distance and observe all necessary hygiene recommendations. Currently, the ensemble courses take place with a maximum of 3-4 participants.

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Playalong - Play Along


For all of you who would like to start right away, here is a beginner's video with a play-along, which you will receive as a welcome gift from me if you sign up for the tutorial newsletter.

Here you can subscribe to my newsletter for 'Tutorials', which informs you about workshops, video tutorials and music notes. As a welcome gift you will receive a play-along to try and play along with on your own. You can find the piano tutorial #1 for the play-along on my YouTube tutorial playlist.

Be sure to always enjoy and have fun with the music!

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45 min.

60 min.

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Ensemble Play
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Waiting List

*1 lesson of 30/45 or 60 minutes per week except during Berlin school vacations and public holidays.
Trial lesson is 45 minutes: 55, - (will be credited upon conclusion of the contract)

Quotes From Others

I am deeply impressed how Beatrix combines musicality and pedagogical-sensitivity unite! Above all, I have been given a priceless portion of "creative courage" and ideas - thank you for everything!


Almost indescribable and inconceivable is the joy it has given me and allowed such free rein to sounds and creative energies while learning "playfully". Thank you very much for the exciting hours in a relaxed atmosphere - for all the challenging, encouraging, motivating, supporting, and accompanying.


The joy of this program was especially due to you as a fascinatingly human, empathetic, motivating, inspiring and at the same time completely modest personality.


This is all a great treasure that I have been given and for this you have given the impetus. I thank you very much for that!