Beatrix Becker


Beatrix Becker

18. April 2015
20:00 - 22:00

Admiralspalast F101

Beatrix Becker is telling PIANO STORIES – tales sensually floating between classical and world music. She invites you to a journey under your skin, fell free to laugh and cry, enjoy and dream.
Explore the world on the grand piano. Track life’s sounds on black and white keys. Attune yourself to the delicate balance between deep melancholy and immense zest for life, to bubbling playfulness and deliberate slowness, to weightlessness and longing. Beatrix Becker invites you to participate in her life with her own compositions in an interplay between classic, tango, flamenco, jazz miniature and epic film music. She charmingly steals the hearts of her audience, playing dreamily and intensively in almost a sleep trance. She is inspired by Eric Satie, Isaac Albéniz, Ludovico Einaudi, by the film music by John Williams and Yann Tiersen, and by places, impressions of nature and encounters on her unusual journey.

piano, base clarinet, composition: Beatrix Becker

cello: Sébastien Rateau, Sebastian Selke, Gregor Fuhrmann