Beatrix Becker


Beatrix Becker

13. November 2016
18:00 - 20:00


A musical fairy tale of fire and flames – PHOENIX, the third studio release by German pianist Beatrix Becker, sees her rising to unknown heights and summits. Recorded in Berlin at the legendary Hansa studios, her compositions for grand piano, bass clarinet and three(!) cellos tell of life passages and transformations, of endings and new beginnings, of dreams, courage, and hope. Playing with fire, Beatrix and her companion Gregor Fuhrmann span a shining rainbow with tango, klezmer, flamenco and jazz vignettes. Bridges are built and burnt to ashes, as the PHOENIX rises in the air with an epic widescreen sound – “a wonderful score for a movie yet to be made“ (Ronald Klein, Tip Berlin).
Those who like the music of Giora Feidman, John Williams, Paco de Lucia, Astor Piazzolla, Didier Squiban and Ludovico Einaudi will love to participate in this fiery, inspiring dance of the PHOENIX!

Beatrix Becker: piano, clarinet
Gregor Fuhrmann: cello