Becker | Doppscher


Freely levitating, melancholic clarinet melodies accompanied by dancing, sparkling guitar acrobatics: Becker | Doppscher create contemporary chamber music. Dialogically interwoven, "mercilessly honest - beautifully human." (Berliner Abendblatt).

After a successful crowdfunding campaign Becker | Doppscher now present their first joint album "KINTSUGI": With their own compositions and selected new arrangements of well-known songs, they indulge in the humorous sadness of klezmer, a music that has seen everything in life with lamentation and longing, forgiveness and hope. Mixed with the improvisational joy of jazz and the playful wickedness of tango, they create a multi-faceted overall soundscape. They are inspired by Japanese KINTSUGI artists who use gold to mend broken pieces. Becker | Doppscher remind us of the value of diversity - and of the unity that can be found in the combination of apparent opposites: Because every rupture, every scar is an experience that can be worth its weight in gold – if one is brave enough not to hide but to express it. This is the way Becker | Doppscher consciously and consistently go. The result is musical magic: Sometimes both play wild and free and unrestrained, only to immediately weave soft, filigree sounds into the moment. Always on the trail of exactly the right melody that flows from soul to soul like a golden band.

Becker | Doppscher earned their reputation as "one of Berlin's finest examples of musical talent" (German World Magazine) at international concerts, e.g. for the tourism portal visitBerlin and the La-Berlin sister city committee in Los Angeles. Further performances led her to the German Bundestag and the US Embassy in Berlin, to the Jewish Weeks Leipzig as well as to Tango Milongas and full moon concerts from Rügen to Bad Schandau.

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