Ensemble CLASSES

Making music for ourselves alone can be meditative, satisfying and blissful. Experiencing it together with others increases that happiness and pleasure. I would like to accompany you on this path: We meet weekly in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg to speak together the most beautiful of all languages… Music!

Instrumentalists are invited who simply want to make music with others or are looking for new impulses and motivation for their own joy of playing. The course is open for different instruments, different previous knowledge, and age does not matter:

Old and young, adult and adolescent all learning from and with each other. In the spirit of the Bridges of Music idea, where we use music as a language that allows us to communicate with others on a special level, regardless of our experience, cultural or ethnic background, age, gender, instruments or genres. A basic knowledge of music and at least 1.5 years of instrumental playing are recommended.

What and Where

  • On Mondays: First steps into improvisation
    6:30 p.m. - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
    Ongoing class with 24 meetings a year

  • On Wednesdays: Ensemble-Playing
    6:30 p.m. - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
    Ongoing class with 30 meetings a year

  • Both classes are open for (almost) every instrument

  • Speaking together the most beautiful of all languages: Music

  • A basic understanding of music knowledge

  • Old and young, adult and adolescent, learn from and together with each other

  • New impulses and motivation for your own joy of playing

  • Join in and change your world with music!


Selbstverständlich wahren wir den Sicherheitsabstand und beachten alle notwendigen Hygieneempfehlungen. Derzeit finden die Ensemble-Kurse mit maximal 3-4 Teilnehmer*innen statt.

Der monatliche Beitrag beträgt 100,- € (mit Vertrag*). 
Eine Probestunde ist kostenfrei!
*Jederzeit zum 30./31. kündbar mit einer 3-monatigen Kündigungsfrist.


Quotes From Others

I am deeply impressed how Beatrix combines musicality and pedagogical-sensitivity unite! Above all, I have been given a priceless portion of "creative courage" and ideas - thank you for everything!


Almost indescribable and inconceivable is the joy it has given me and allowed such free rein to sounds and creative energies while learning "playfully". Thank you very much for the exciting hours in a relaxed atmosphere - for all the challenging, encouraging, motivating, supporting, and accompanying.


The joy of this program was especially due to you as a fascinatingly human, empathetic, motivating, inspiring and at the same time completely modest personality.


This is all a great treasure that I have been given and for this you have given the impetus. I thank you very much for that!